This month has been a weird one because I've basically been locked away with my laptop for the duration working on something SUPER FUCKING EXCITING that I literally just cannot wait to bring to life. In this day and age it's so normal to just push things out on social media and onto the internet almost immediately and it's been a real challenge to keep my mouth shut about what it is I'm working on but fingers crossed all will be announced sooooon! In the meantime, highlights of November (the bits I can talk about!) including attending the Chain of Hope charity gala below...

London basically has everything. From food to culture to nightlife and beyond, chances are London is doing it, and doing it well. One aspect that's been slightly lagging, though, in particular in comparison to cities like New York where it reigns supreme, is brunch.

The people behind The Hoxton and Soho House are particularly expert at plugging the gap, and at opening restaurants set to take the trendy food crown. Having already had massive success with Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger (if you don't know, get to know like, fast), Egg Break, their latest venture is just as impressive.

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