I'm kind of obsessed with food and eating out, and I've been rounding up my favourite restaurants in cities all over the world, including Ibiza, Los Angeles and Amsterdam for a while now, but haven't done one of my favourite restaurants in London. Admittedly it's a lot harder to do because I actually live here and so am constantly trying out new places but there are definitely some restaurants that I love love love and probably go to at least once a month. Is it just me or do you find that there's something specific you crave? I have a few things at each restaurant that I order without fail basically every single time. When OpenTable, the leading provider of free, real-time online reservations for diners asked me to round up some of my London faves, it was easier than I thought it would be. These are five of my fail-safe cravings...
London seems to be rampaging on with this whole no reservations business. Supremely annoying if, like me, you just want to know what time you're going to be eating and / or what kind of shoes to wear. Heels for an hour wait leaning against the bar isn't really all that fun, I'll have you know. The wait is the only downside to Barrafina and partly, I presume, why they can (kinda) get away it.
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