This month has been a weird one because I've basically been locked away with my laptop for the duration working on something SUPER FUCKING EXCITING that I literally just cannot wait to bring to life. In this day and age it's so normal to just push things out on social media and onto the internet almost immediately and it's been a real challenge to keep my mouth shut about what it is I'm working on but fingers crossed all will be announced sooooon! In the meantime, highlights of November (the bits I can talk about!) including attending the Chain of Hope charity gala below...
Defined as a legacy of slavery; β€˜shadeism’ is a form of skin tone bias, one that identifies groups and individuals on the basis of their degree of pigmentation. This distinction between shades of brown is thought to be much more pronounced within communities rather than between those of different ethnicities. To this end, shadeism is not particularly thought to be a form of racism, but rather a form of disunity; one that through mainstream ideals of beauty promotes self-hatred and low self-esteem.
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