It's my birthday tomorrow. Every year in the week(s) running up to my birthday I get a little weird. A little... nostalgic and melancholic, I think the word is. Pre-birthday blues, I like to call it. I guess it's kind of like how around new years people get super intense with writing down their resolutions, as if January 1st is going to give them the opportunity to change their lives in all the ways they hoped for year on year...
The idea of summer is a pretty questionable one in the UK. It's ridiculous that we spend so much time talking to the weather, but unpredictable things are usually a hot topic of conversation. Anyway, as I've likely mentioned ample time before, I freaking love summer, and I love the beach. There's just something about it that really allows you to unwind and put things in perspective. For July's inspo feature, I've put together some of my favourite beach related quotes and images.
Beyonce dropped her new album seemingly out of the blue (again) last night. Queen B's sixth solo album, the list of collaborators is, as expected, seriously impressive and features the likes ofΒ Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Diplo, James Blake, Boots and Melo-X (read a throwback interview I did with Melo-X here). The world is, obvi, going totally nuts about itΒ and I for one have already watched / listened to it all the way through twice in a row in the few hours since I woke up and discovered its existence. [And cancelled all my plans - sorry mum! - in order to be able to do so.] In short: it's incredible. And quite a mind-fuck, to say the least.
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