Being selfie ready has never been a more sought after state. What is an “Instagram Face”? Chances are you already had an image in your head before you finished reading the question. Look-a-likes of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian; thoughtfully constructed eyebrows, faces heavily contoured and highlighted, lips matte and plump. Social media has long been hailed for championing diversity, a welcome refuge from the often homogeneous mass media. But these days, people, in particular young girls, are increasingly striving to look the same — on the platform and in real life. I looked into this in a piece for The New York Post.
This month, I attended some incredible shows, exhibitions and events, including the launch of Google's new Pixel phone. OBVIOUSLY Halloween ranked highly and I loved dressing up on not one but TWO occasions, including Maya Jama's super fun private party at Albert's in South Kensington. The best bits of October, below...
Okay I don't care what London's weather forecast has to say anymore, it is summer, damnit and I will dress accordingly! Other than the fact that it's my birthday month (yes, that is totally a thing), June has long marked the end of school and the start of the summer holidays aka sunshine, sea and sand, and for all those reasons, has always been my favourite month. From the metallic hardware to be rocking on your feet to beachside accessories and a leather jacket because... London, I round up 10 of the most covetable bits to get shopping.
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