Being selfie ready has never been a more sought after state. What is an “Instagram Face”? Chances are you already had an image in your head before you finished reading the question. Look-a-likes of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian; thoughtfully constructed eyebrows, faces heavily contoured and highlighted, lips matte and plump. Social media has long been hailed for championing diversity, a welcome refuge from the often homogeneous mass media. But these days, people, in particular young girls, are increasingly striving to look the same — on the platform and in real life. I looked into this in a piece for The New York Post.
Kanye West has been pulling a great deal of 'Kanyes' lately. Following the release of his latest album in February of this year, he took to Twitter more than usual to unburden his oh-so-great mind of all the oh-so-weighty thoughts he carries around in it. Recent gems include his begging, yes, actually begging, Mark Zuckerberg for money and his admonition that the word ‘bitch’ is none other than a form of endearment in hip hop. The latter tweet may not have garnered such a huge response (after all, the prevalence of misogyny in hip hop is really nothing new), were it not aimed at Taylor Swift. No one calls Taylor a bitch, obviously. Nor claims to take responsibility for her fame.
It's funny how life works. While on a stroll (read: desperate search for a specific kind of donut) in Miami a few months ago, I stumbled across a super cool boutique called MuseO. Pretty much the entire store was screaming my name, but there was one brand in particular that I fell particularly in love with, and that's where the irony begins... Patrick Church was a London based brand, and it had taken me leaving London and vacationing to Miami, to discover it.
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