f2017 has been something of a revolution for me. They say there are some years that ask questions and some years that answer them. I feel like almost my whole life has consisted of years that ask questions, an endless whirlwind of  who what why. 2017 felt very much like one in which I began to answer some of those questions, and to understand that actually part of the excitement in the journey is to figure out the rest along the way. I'm a big believer in that the most important thing in life is growth and, as one of my best friends put it: I'm very much on this "self-improvement ting". On both a personal and a work front, I feel like I've increasingly begun living with what feels like far more purpose and confidence, and I feel like such a different person ending the year than I did entering it. But in a: "I never change, I simply become more myself" kind of way. I feel super grateful to be an adult and able to see where the lessons are instead of just thinking it's the end of the world each time when it invariably isn't.
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