This month, I attended some incredible shows, exhibitions and events, including the launch of Google's new Pixel phone. OBVIOUSLY Halloween ranked highly and I loved dressing up on not one but TWO occasions, including Maya Jama's super fun private party at Albert's in South Kensington. The best bits of October, below...
So, Google want to teach millions of American girls how to code because their workforce is 70% male. Even Obama’s been getting his knickers (or whatever undergarments he wears – errrr, anyway) in a twist because turns out it’s freaking important to know how to code. Not least because basically everything is online these days but also because it means you can make your own awesome website instead of paying someone upwards of £2,000 (!!) to do it for you. Unless – and maybe even then – you recently won the lottery – there’s no way that’s ever gonna be an option.
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