My ex-boyfriend and I broke up almost a year ago, but I’m still receiving messages from strangers asking how and why. When we first met, almost six years ago, Instagram barely existed. Young and in love, we uploaded selfies with sappy captions about how much we adored each other. As our relationship progressed from one year to three to five, we kept posting. As with most millennials, social media became an extension of our lives — and we were the biggest part of each others’ — so evidence of our relationship was everywhere.
My boyfriend of five years and I had a breakup a couple of months ago and I’ve basically not been able to eat since. My scales and my clothes and my friends and family say I’ve lost weight. I’m not exactly complaining as it’s about the amount I’d been trying to lose anyway, and I’m still at a healthy weight, but I do wonder why it is that every time I come out of a long-term relationship I completely lose my appetite.
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