Food: 9 Restaurants To Try In Paris

Last month I spent a lovely couple of weeks in Paris. It was my first time attending Paris Fashion Week and I had an awesome time with the homie Roxanne aka Goldie Rox. Between attending shows, showrooms and presentations and partying long into the night, we had an awesome time. And the food…

A trip / life wouldn’t be complete without eating some delicious food and there isn’t really anyone better to dine with than Rox. A foodie through and through, it was our love for food in particular that brought us together when I first spotted Rox’s food inspired jewellery on Instagram. And so we proceeded to make Paris Fashion Week into Paris Food Week.

Indeed, it would be fair to say that food is my main focus when I travel. Even before my flights and hotels are booked, I usually have a list of foods I want to try and restaurant reservations I need to make. And the French really, really know their food. I won’t insult your intelligence as I’m sure you know there are definitely things more impressive that the French do that are not french fries (but OMG please look at these).

I thought I’d share the spoils of our “labour”. (Although I would really struggle to call it that). Here are some of the best Paris based restaurants we had the pleasure of gorging on during our trip…

Le Mary Celeste

Evidently quite a scene-y place, the cream of the crop (what does that expression even mean, though?) can and will be found dining at Le Mary Celeste. I love sharing food as it allows me to try a bit of everything, so their menu, consisting of a whole bunch of supremely delicious small plates was perfect for my palette. Their oysters and cocktails are truly spectacular, too, and all served in the most quaint of interiors.

Mary Celeste Plates


You can’t book in this adorable restaurant, but they make the wait very pleasant indeed with a wine bar round the corner where you can go for some divine pre-drinks and people watching. And when you do get a table? Order everything. This is another of those restaurants where sharing is key, and share you really will want to when you get a glimpse at the the delicious offerings, seemingly fresh straight out the sea. Highly recommend you order the razor clams (pictured below).



Located in Le Marais, Rox and I saved this Frenchie foodie heaven for last. Graced with sunshine in abundance, we sat ourselves down outside the Parisian brasserie and ordered some escargots aka snails and a glass of wine, savouring the slimy garlic treats as they slid down our throats. I had tried snails (reluctantly) before. Never again will they be tried with reluctance for Camille truly cemented the fact that they are delish (if not impossible to wrestle out from those teensy shells which, fun fact: aren’t actually the shells the snails live in).


Hotel Costes

Whether or not you actually manage to get a table reservation here (you probably won’t), you should definitely go even if just for a drink. The interiors are seriously to die for, the drinks divine and the people watching truly insane. Except to see the likes of the Kardashians who are die hard fans. Kim Kardashian even flew in to Paris specifically to get some of their infamous cheesecake. Considering she so very often talks about her diets, that’s a pretty strong co-sign in and of itself.



Yes French food is amazing but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying out Parisian takes on other delicacies, too. We popped in to Candelaria in Le Marais which is a super cute Mexican taqueria and bar which serve up a simple yet well-aimed menu of tacos and tostadas and an equally punchy cocktail selection. It’s teensy so I’d suggest going at a random time to try avoid the wait slash the fact that there literally won’t be anywhere for you to sit.


The Broken Arm

Housed in a super cool concept store, The Broken Arm is essentially as hipster as it’s going to get in Paris, with a Scandinavian touch. Serving up delicious cold pressed juices and healthy bites, it’s a welcome reprieve. Plus you get to shop almost while you eat, too!

broken arm paris

Big Fernand

I loveeee me some burgers. For every time I crave something to eat, burgers almost always come top of my list. This gourmet take on burgers seriously satiated any and all of my cravings, coming complete with a big dollop of raclette cheese (I MEAN SERIOUSLY!). I also ordered a drink which was literally milk and cookies blended into an orgasmic creation that resembles nothing I’ve ever had before. Ever. I may pull a Kim K and fly back just for this.


Pierre Herme

I have a seriaaaas sweet tooth and the French are well known for their delicious desserts, I mean, they basically single handedly invented the Patisserie, non? Buzzfeed did a pretty impressive round up of the 32 French Desserts that will make you want to move to Paris.

Granted, macarons are everywhere, in Paris and beyond. Laduree is quite often the cult favourite, but on this trip I discovered Pierre Herme and, macarons will quite frankly never be the same again. Pierre Herme boast the most innovative and elegant selection of macarons coming in pretty much any flavour you can imagine.


L’eclair De Genie

Another sweet tooth wonder I came across on the trip was L’eclair De Genie. Located in the super cool Le Marais district, this shop pretty much reinvents the eclair, and offers up seasonal varities just in case you should ever get bored (you won’t).


Have you been to Paris before? Where are your favourite spots to dine at?

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