On My Plate: Boom Burger

And London’s obsession with the burger shows no sign of abating, but it’s not like we’re complaining! The latest carnivorous haunt comes with a Jamaican inspired twist. Nestled in the heart of Nottinghill, the laid back restaurant is Londoner’s slice of Carnival flavour, all year round.

Having opened it’s doors last month, the restaurant is the brain child of Jamaican born Josh de Lisser who combines the explosive Jamaican flavours with the best in British-bred meat.


With a poster of Bob Marley smoking a fat one taking pride of place on the wall, the service is casual, you order at the counter, generous portions of food served pretty promptly for you to gorge on. So, how’s the food? Delish.

In terms of choice, it’s pretty straightforward – too many options only serve to confuse, anyway! Especially if you’ve previously smoked a Bob Marley. There are 6 burgers, 2 salads, 4 sides, and occasionally the odd special on the menu.

Our favourite? Hands down the Boom Burger – a delicious, juicy cut of meat tucked away in between bacon jam and cheese, slapped between a sweet brioche bun. Talk about party in my mouth! Ridonculous. That said, the Jerk Burger is pretty spectacular, too; jerk chicken, fried plantain (yes! inside the burger!), mango and paw paw sauce nestled in between the aforementioned sweet brioche bun. If you’re not making your burgers in brioche buns, you may as well shut down now, basically.



As for starters – we had the Fish Salad – a perfectly – crispy skin, soft skin – pan fried snapper accompanied by mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes. My only tiny buzzkill was the plantain chips – I looove plantain (fried banana I call it, lols) and was super excited to sink my teeth into plantain in fry form! Wow! What an invention. Unfortunately they were not quite what I expected/wanted them to be. In the interest of constructive criticism, soz I actually don’t really have any, just that I would have wanted them to be better. Yeah, not very helpful, I know. The (potato) fries on the other hand; perfection.

The brunch Boom – sweet cured bacon topped with a fried egg, bacon jam and fresh avocado salsa has my name written all over it waiting for the next time I gallivant through it’s Nottinghill doors. Because yes, there will definitely be a next time.

Bill for 2 – £30 with drinks

272 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W10 5TY

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