They say some people eat to live, aka survive, and some people live to eat. I fall firmly into the latter category. It's not something to be particularly proud of, but up until around eight years ago aka WAY TOO OLD TO BE PULLING THIS SHIT, I had basically never eaten vegetables or salad. It's still not my first option, by any means, but I've come a long way to having more healthy eating ways. I previously wrote about my horror when two of my homies took me to the most intense of Vegan restaurants. For some reason it appears that most restaurants that facilitate healthy eatering, up until relatively recently, have been pretty intense in their vegan-ism. To the extent that the aforementioned consisted of tree trunks as seats as opposed to an actual chair because *universe*. You may think I'm exaggerating but I'm actually not. Good news all around: as of late it's become a whole lot easier for those prone to healthy eating, eateries opening up the likes of Camilla Al Fayed's Farmacy in Notting Hill which is a lot more accessible and way less scary for a human being like me.
As I try explain to my mum every.single.time she calls and tries to get me to go out shopping /for lunch/for a stroll in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon – I AM WORKING. I guess it’s hard to believe when she’s evidently picturing me stretched out in bed, crumbs adorning my week-old tracksuit with my laptop half-heartedly tucked up under the duvet with me and a piece of soggy toast hanging from the corner of my upturned mouth. 

That’s probably what she sees when she thinks of me, her self employed, freelance daughter. But that is not what I am. Any more. Namely because the line between self employed and unemployed is veeery fine indeed, and I spent many a month attempting to tick through my to-do list in that manner until I realised that that definitely wasn’t going to fucking work. So much for living the dream!
I luhhhh me some dumplings! It feels like forever ago that the only place to get delish dumplings, that I knew of anyway, was Ping Pong. Since I first discovered these steamed / fried and etc literal dumplings of joy, they are one of my favourite things to eat, and London is catering well to the need. I am one of those people that always wants to sample every single thing on the menu, so the dumplings and Asian tapas-style-concept, which also serves the currently super trendy ramen and bao buns, at the newly opened Gyoza Bar in London's Covent Garden was totally, totally up my street. I took to OpenTable to make my booking...
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