If you’re a hip-hop fan, you’ll likely have heard of Karen Civil. Credited with helping now global stars, such as Drake and J. Cole reach superstardom through her website KarenCivil.com, with keeping Lil Wayne’s brand intact through his jail stint, and with growing Beats By Dre into an important cultural entity, Civil has long been one of hip hop’s digital MVPs, making numbers shoot up and turning people into brands from behind the scenes. And the magic worked on her, too. Indeed, these days, it’s almost easier to talk about what she doesn’t do, and as such, she's long been an inspiration for me. “At this point, I do what I want. I get paid to be myself," she told me, when we sat down together in an interview for DAZED while she was in London last year as part of a series for LIFE TALKS. One of my favourite interviews to date, I asked Karen about career come ups, rapper affiliations, and finally feeling comfortable enough in her success to let the world see just how fire she really is.
Last month I went to watch the eighth segment of the incredible Harry Potter story unfold on stage. The hype around the Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book and theatre renditions has essentially been at fever pitch, and Harry Potter and The Cursed Child tickets are harder to get your hands on than a Golden snitch, with tickets currently sold out until at least May of next year. After waiting for ridiculously long in a digital queue last year, one of my best friends and I managed to get our hands on some tickets, and boy was it seriously, seriously worth it. Read on for my Harry Potter and The Cursed Child review...
We had front row seats (well, kinda) to the Grammys this year when singer Jess Glynne took over our Instagram feed for the night. The North London hailing singer – who you’ll most likely recognize from Clean Bandit’s Rather Be aka pretty much the radio’s favourite song last year – won her first Grammy that night (and had to share it with our audience before she could share it with hers, soz Jess!) But she’s pretty awesome as a solo artist, too and she’s had a monster year to prove it. Lucky for us we managed to pin her down for a quick chat ahead of the release of her debut album where we spoke Amy Winehouse and definitions of success.
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