I like to do things in extremes. Like, either I'll be addicted to the gym and train *all* the damn time, or I will roll around in piles of chocolate and Haribo Tangfastics and Pizza Hut (stuffed crust, obviously). The last few months have seen me hitting the gym again preeetty damn hard and I don't know what I was doing before, tbh. One way of summing it up is: "'I really regret that workout' said no one ever." And it's sooo true. If only we could bottle our endorphins so we could remember just how awesome it feels to be going to the gym on a regular. Because the thing is it's far more than just our bodies which improve in the process (although that's for suuure a bonus) but our minds and our moods, too.

I've always been an avid reader. So much so, that I used to get teased at school because my best friend was the librarian. Thing is, jokes on them because it's been proven that reading a book has all sorts of benefits, from increasing your emotional intelligence, improving your relationships and reducing symptoms of depression, to name but a few.

There's just something about a well written book that can transport you to alternate universes, and there's nothing quite as enjoyable as immersing yourself into the pages. Each month, I've been sharing some recommendations in my highlights, and I often share my recommendations on Instagram under the hashtag #moorizzlareads, too. I figured there are more than enough of my faves to warrant a dedicated post, so here are 8 of my favourite books that I've read in recent months...

Instagram and social media have democratised life and culture across the board. From artists like Stormzy able to chart at number one independently, the likes of the Kardashian’s becoming forces to be reckoned with, and so on and endlessly so forth, Instagram has changed the game. And it has in the art world, too. These days, exhibitions are often turning into pop culture experiences, complete with highly Instagrammable props to further tempt millennial uploaders. Not to mention all those exhibitions that potentially aren’t even doing it on purpose but just look so darn good with a VSCO filter.
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