There are tons of brilliant fashion brands coming out of Egypt. While in Cairo last month I teamed up with Flare PR, who represent Egyptian brands the likes of Jude Benhalim, Dina Shaker and Jazzy for a desert inspired shoot at Wadi Rum. Check out the photos and learn more about the brands below...
I'm having quite a love affair with bold colours at the moment. Some ten years or so ago, a 'normal' look for me would consist of head-to-toe colour, bright top matched perfectly with the bright trainers which adorned my feet every single day without fail. As I grew up a bit older, black, beige and etc creepingly replaced much of the colour in my wardrobe, without me even really noticing. But as with everything else, fashion comes in swings and round-a-bouts and for the last few seasons bright colours, namely pink, red and yellow have come gallivanting back in, and I for one am very happy about it.
I love social media. (It stresses me out in equal measure) but I love social media for the connections it makes. Despite having grown up in London for the past 20 years, I'm originally from Egypt and supremely proud of that. The country / region is having its issues as of late, but patriotism runs deep and I go back to Egypt numerous times a year. I also lived in Cairo for the first five years of my life, and for a year when I was 13, so I have strong ties and connections in the region. But, back to social media, for it allowed me to meet and collaborate with Egyptian photographer Aisha Al Shabrawy and the gorgeous model, Salma Abu Deif.
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