Of course, Muslim women have been interested in fashion for years, though leading designers and international brands have only very recently recognised the significance of this crucial consumer group. Indeed, it’s been said that the fashion industry would likely have already “collapsed without their patronage.” And today, that’s all the more accurate. According to the 2015-2016 State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, Muslim consumers spend an estimated $230bn on clothing, estimated to reach $327bn by 2019. That’s more than the current clothing markets of the UK ($107bn), Germany ($99bn) and India ($96bn) combined.
Gstar make the coolest jeans. Case in point their latest: the hands-gree 5620 Elwood denim pouch pant which is seriously epic because it essentially means you don't need to lug around any kind of bag at all. They recently asked me to take part in a campaign for the new style, shot by Sophie Jones. The Snobette premiered the video, writing: "Using an all female ensemble, G-Star RAW has tapped an influential group of U.K. musicians, DJs, models, bloggers and journalists for a film titled “The Society” that breathes life into the label’s latest collection.
There are potentially just two instances in which the wider world gets involved with sports with this amount of fervour: the World Cup, and the Olympics. And with less than 100 days until the games kick off in Rio, it's all bubbling to a fever pitch, with the Olympic uniforms unveiled last week. Lacoste, who are sponsoring the French Olympic team for the second time, invited me to head down to Paris with them to attend the unveiling.
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